Company history

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Founded by brothers Bill, Bob and John Pearson back in 1991, an expiring 100-ton USCG Captain's license got us thinking about incorporating boating knowledge into a software product...

This led to our first commercial AutoExam CD-ROM product, Get Your Captain's License 1st Edition published by McGraw-Hill's International Marine division.

With the GYCL product on the shelves of Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Waldenbooks, etc. we started to expand our AutoExam base. We made a strategic partnership with LearningExpress, LLC out of New York City and introduced a line of academic and real estate books.

Following that came an additional line of military and health books.

An update to AutoExam, called AutoExam 2008, was introduced into a new line of academic and real estate books – again published by LearningExpress. AutoExam 2008 was also included in Get Your Captain's License 4th Edition published by McGraw-Hill.

Starting in the spring of 2011, our AutoExam SL product brought our technology online. We partnered with REA, a division of Courier Corp (NASDAQ: CRRC) to bring this breakthrough technology to market in the form of a new series of academic products for high-school, college and professional students.

We are continuing to advance our technology and will be introducing a mobile edition in the coming months.